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Babloyan and Zatulin create new platform for cooperation


Speaker of Parliament Ara Babloyan held a meeting on October 8  with Konstantin Zatulin,  first deputy chairman of the Russian Federal Assembly’s State Duma committee for relations with the CIS, Eurasian affairs and compatriots. The sides attached importance to mutually beneficial cooperation and implementation of projects which will enable to further strengthen the Armenian-Russian social-political and spiritual-cultural ties. Zatulin presented his new idea to the Speaker, noting that being a great friend of the Armenian people and having worked for many years for deepening the Armenian-Russian friendship, his new initiative aims at boosting the strengthening of Armenian-Russian ties. The initiative refers to creating an informal platform in the state, academic, cultural and public areas of the two countries, a platform for more direct communication. He said that the platform will be named Lazarev Club – in honor of the renowned Lazarev family (Lazaryan family), which carried out huge work for the welfare of Russia and the Armenian-Russian friendship. The club is planned to be made into a new and unique platform between the civil societies of Armenia and Russia. During the meeting the sides also talked about the upcoming CSTO PA council and plenary session due in Yerevan late October.