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ORO alliance to turn to CEC (video)


During their campaign rally in Armenia’s Spitak town, members of the ORO alliance referred to the evidence collected by the Union of Informed Citizens (UIC) according to which school principals in Armenia pressurize staff members and pupils’ parents to vote for the ruling Republican Party (HHK) in the April parliamentary elections. The UIC claims that the ruling party abused its administrative resource making heads of schools and kindergartens draw up lists of voters who will vote for the HHK in the April 2 vote. “We regret to know that the authorities have involved teachers in their dirty games. I know that they [teachers] get involved in this dirty election games against their will,” said Armen Martirosyan, a senior member of the ORO alliance. “We shall turn to the Central Electoral Commission with a demand to disallow HHK’s participation in the parliamentary elections,” he added.