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Opinion: Tsarukyan's comeback decided by Serzh Sargsyan (video)


Formation of political alliances at the pre-election period is quite logical, says Vigen Hakobyan, an analyst and political technologist. Anyway, it is not logical that we have only one alliance at this moment. “At present, there is only one formal alliance – the Yelk which is likely to expand in the future. GALA is going to join the alliance,” he said. A representative of the GALA party told A1+ Company that they have not taken a final decision yet. It is the lack of resources that makes a political force enter into an alliance with other parties and although many have not expressed their intention to form alliances, the political technologist believes that future alliances will hardly be based on ideological similarities. “In many cases, political forces involved in electoral processes realize that they do not have the necessary resources to resolve problems and decide to form an alliance with other forces,” Vigen Hakobyan said. The Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) does not rule out that it may form an alliance with other political forces ahead of the April 2 parliamentary elections, Tsarukyan said today. “I do not think there will be a real alliance. Some marginal political parties might want to join Tsarukyan but I do not think that it will develop into an alliance,” says Armen Grigoryan, another political technologist. Speaking about the announcement of businessman Gagik Tsarukyan who said on Tuesday that he is returning to active politics, the political analyst said there was only one reason for the delay. “Tsarukyan’s comeback was not postponed by the demand of people, but by the decision of Serzh Sargsyan,” he said. Businessman Gagik Tsarukyan announced on Tuesday his return to politics. “Considering internal and external challenges and public demand for my return to politics, I declare that I am opening the closed page of my political activities and will participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections,” Tsarukyan said in a speech broadcast by his Kentron TV station.