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BHK doesn’t have information about fight (video)

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Today press published information about Gagik Tsarukyan- Serzh Sargsyan meeting. NA BHK party member Mikayel Melkumyan doesn’t have information about it. He also doesn’t have information about dates of future meeting of the Troika leaders, it is normal process, “Meeting won’t be late. It will take place this week.” There is no information about coming rally, either. Additional information will be provided about it, now staff is formed and there is again no information about it, “The work is in process, there is no need to hurry or not, the problem is in productivity.” Melkumyan thinks that the movement for government change initiated by the troika will find its response among the authorities, “I have no information about that response.” National Assembly President Galust Sahakyan welcomes this spirit of the fight, he knows that every fight brings results, “But fight doesn’t mean government change.” Mr. Sahakyan is waiting for projects of government change and road map, there is no such map. But there are demands, government change and electoral code change, “Until there is no essential material or text of constitutional changes or change of constitution, the change of electoral code is absurd.” Mr. Sahakyan has heard that they want to turn the movement for government change into bourgeois democratic revolution, according to him, people living bourgeois life want to do it, “In order the bourgeoisie can govern. If people understand, where it will lead… Even in the presence of Constitutional reforms our country will be social.”