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They should not be positioned near civilian communities neither in Armenia nor in Artsakh

The wounding of 3 civilians and the killing of one 22-year-old by shootings of the Azerbaijani servicemen today are irrefutable evidence that they should not be positioned near civilian communities neither in Armenia nor in Artsakh. We have repeatedly warning about this.
It should be acknowledged that the mere presence of Azerbaijani servicemen in the immediate vicinity of civilian communities is a violation of the right of people; residents of the communities are living under constant threat to their lives.
My Colleague in Artsakh, the Human Rights Ombudsman Mr. Gegham Stepanyan, confirmed that today, On November 8, 2021, the Azerbaijani armed forces shot at civilians repairing water supply pipes near the intersection in the vicinity of the entrance of Shushi. As a result, the traffic on the Shushi sector of the road of Berdzor has been disrupted. This information has also been confirmed by the NSS of Artsakh.
These shootings are the criminal acts of Azerbaijani servicemen, which not only have unlawfully deprived people of their right to life, but also aim at terrorizing the civilian population.
It is evident that the presence of Azerbaijani armed forces in the vicinity of civilian communities of Armenia and Artsakh is a violation of the right to life of people, and it disrupts the peace, security and the normal life of the residents.
The facts evidence that the nature of these acts both in Armenia and Artsakh are the same, and their real cause is the policy of Armenophobia and enmity of the Azerbaijani highest authorities.
This Azerbaijani policy has become more extreme after the 2020 war, revealing its fascist characteristics. It further increases tensions and enmity in the region.
This is a grave human rights issue. The Azerbaijani policy of Armenophobia and enmity is the source of the violations of the rights to life, property, and other fundamental rights of the Armenian population.
Arman Tatoyan
The Human Rights Defender of