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Humanitarian aid collected by Armenian-Americans reached Armenia (video)

The Qatar Airways plane with a humanitarian cargo collected by the Armenian-American community for the civilians affected by the war arrived in Armenia on October 19 at 12:17 Yerevan time.

Earlier, the committee announced that the flight scheduled for October 15 to transport the same cargo will not take place, for which the airline did not give a good reason. It was later revealed that the plane was to pass through Turkish airspace, which created obstacles for humanitarian cargo to Armenia.

"Cargo transportation was finally made possible by the tireless efforts of the Civil Aviation Committee and the Armenian community in the United States. The Civil Aviation Committee has previously informed EUROCONTROL about the problems raised by Turkey, and has cooperated with the Armenian community in the United States and Qatar Airways. Today we are recording the fact that the plane carrying humanitarian cargo passed through Turkish airspace," said Chairman of the Civil Aviation Committee of Armenia Tatevik Revazian.