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Armenia not only country where masks are mandatory for schoolchildren

At the beginning of the school year, when our country is still in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, the key goal of all of us should be to protect the health of our children as well as parents and grandparents. This was reported by the Ministry of Health.

With the spread of coronavirus, it has been suggested that children, unlike adults, are not carriers of the disease, but new research calls into question this hypothesis and conclude that even children under 5 years of age can spread the infection just like adults. ( 26U)

In addition to a number of anti-epidemic measures to prevent coronavirus disease, today it is necessary to address the issue of wearing masks for children in schools. Studying the international experience, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, it was decided in Armenia to wear masks in schools, taking into account the current epidemic situation in the country.

By the way, Armenia is not the only country where masks are mandatory for schoolchildren. For example, according to international media reports, just two weeks after the reopening of schools in Germany, the disease rate among schoolchildren and teachers has risen sharply. Although it was mandatory to wear masks in Berlin schools, the children were not wearing masks during the actual lesson, thus the experts consider that the latter could be the main reason for the increase of the disease. ( 08/21/7113471 /)

Schools were again closed after being open for two weeks in France due to new outbreaks of the coronavirus in the country, as the highest daily infection rate among European countries has been registered here. In Greece, students who refuse to wear a mask will not be allowed to enter the school. This was announced by the Minister of Education of Greece (

There is concern among parents that masks can make breathing difficult or weaken the immune system. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, wearing masks with keeping the social distance and hand hygiene is an effective way to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. Also, taking into account the composition of the masks, they cannot block the flow of oxygen and affect children's ability to concentrate and learning. As for the negative effect of masks on the immune system, this concern is not appropriate, as it does not weaken the immune system and does not increase the risk of infection. ( -19 / Pages / Mask-Mythbusters.aspx? Fbclid = IwAR2izCwqN7cSJA9VwzJa8xmtxAmCpmuh1TatqJ4MTGcLMVJCpSJ402xiK_I).