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Athena Manoukian presented a new videoclip on her new single   (video)

Famous singer, songwriter Athena Manoukian presented a videoclip of her new song entitled “Dolla”. The clip is available on YouTube since July 24. The Eurovision 2020 Armenian representative notes that she wanted to shoot it in Armenia, but because of coronavirus the shooting took place in Greece.

The music was composed by both Athena and DJ Paco. Athena Manoukian wrote the lyrics for this summer hit.

The creative director of the clip was Athena Manoukian herself. She wanted to present a minimal, artistic image focused on beautiful shots, covered in gold and she wanted a video that gives an “A’’ level quality by paying attention to the details.

“The masks made by me for my dancers add mysterious beauty to the video. The masks have lots of gold jewels on it and they bring an artistic vibe inside the video as the dancers look like soldiers. And the masks have Armenian elements’’,-Athena noted.

“Dolla” pop song has some African vibes. As previously noted by the singer, “Dolla’’ is a song about love. It is a very positive, fresh single that makes you dance. It touches upon the topic how a woman can love a man who has no money, but he is a great person. And for that woman money has no importance.