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Inter Milan footballer's advice to Italians to avoid danger

The defender Ashley Young of Inter Milan shared on his Twitter page with his experience about his lifestyle in Italy in days of coronavirus. The 34-year-old player in particular advised how to behave in supermarkets.

"Use a mask or a scarf to keep your nose and mouth closed. Always keep distance from the cashier. Keep the basket behind you so people won't be able to approach you. Do not put your purchases on other purchases. Wait until the front person finishes the payment, only then approach the cashier. It may sound rude, but you should treat everyone like a viral person. Most importantly, just secure yourself. This is not an excessive caution, but a security. Remember that others may treat you the same way. It's not terrible, it's just a way of keeping distance and saving lives."

To note, Milan is located at the epicenter of coronavirus in Italy, Lombardy. The city is in the state of emergency starting from March 12. It will be valid till April 15.