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Video Interview

Discussion: No one has right to enter between me and my joy (video) (video)

A fake agenda before the New Year holidays. Ethnographer Mkhitar Gabrielyan, giving this assessment, explains that the New Year is the most awaited holiday, and "discussing in a healthy society in the 21st century that 200,000 drams are spent is just ridiculous." According to him, it is very little money; an indicator of social tragedy and public poverty.

"A working person should be able to fully celebrate, to feel at least once a year," he continues, insisting that everyone decides for himself what to put on their holiday table, how much to spend. “No one has right to enter between me and my joy,” he added.

Referring to the concert by famous musician Goran Bregovic at Republic Square on New Year's Eve and other events, the ethnographer notes that there are no answers to many questions. Mkhitar Gabrielyan, who loves Bregovic's music, raises questions: Who are those x number of people who will go to the Square? Or why should they go? And so on.

Ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan fears that, as before, many may be instructed to participate, and therefore justify their expenses. She observes that there is not even a search for a culture of celebration at us, whereas what is being organized is merely events, not a celebration.

By the way, these ethnographers say that no authorities turn to them for advice.

"Perhaps do they think they should pay money?" Kharatyan jokes,

They also remind that the “national” is not a poor presentation of 19th-century costumes made from Turkish-made fabric, or painting a tricolor on the face with a gouache of unknown origin.