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It's not nice to admire yourself in the mirror -  Tigran Mansuryan (video)

Yerevan Mayor Hayk Marutyan says honestly that he likes Tigran Mansuryan's film music more than his other works.

“I get excited every time when listening to that musi. The same thing happened also in the yard of the National Assembly, I hardly managed not to cry,” he says.

Although the world recognizes the maestro through his other music, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport Arayik Harutyunyan also prefers to listen to Tigran Mansuryan's film music.

“When we listen to that music, we go back to our childhood, and it's always fun to go back to childhood, because childhood is more carefree, one is happier there,” the minister emphasized.

The maestro himself does not make much difference between his works, as he notes, all are his "children," whom the public "loves."

In addition, the maestro notes that his works are related to Armenia and the Armenian reality.

"Consequently, they were loved because they were 'born' in this land," notes the composer.

Tigran Mansuryan confesses that he has no habit of listening to the music he composes, as he does not want to go back to the past.

"There is one thing: when you 'hear' your past, you don't want to meet with it again because you notice the flaws. It's not nice to admire yourself in the mirror, it's a sad thing," he says.