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Vetting or Witch Hunt? What is expected in the near future? (video)

"The Republican wanted to get a more authoritarian system, so they got it," says politician Aghasi Yenokyan, referring to the 2015 constitutional amendments, and added, "now, Nikol Pashinayn took the same system. Thus, only the leader has changed, but not the system."
Political analyst Edgar Vardanyan interferes. "But the authoritarian system was not formed on the basis of the Constitution ..."
Aghasi Yenokyan belives that it is right to change the Constitution but he is sure that Nikol Pashinyan will not make that step.
Today, at the A1+ pavilion, political analysts Aghasi Yenokyan, Edgar Vardanyan and Vardan Khachatryan are discussing the developments of the judicial system, and their views are different, with regard to transitional justice. 
Vardan Khachatryan does not rule out that a hunt for witcheswill be launced if everything is not planned. 
Edgar Vardanyan does not exclude that there will be such judges who will stubbornly remain in their position, thinking that there will be pressure from the North.
"But such a position is shortsighted. There is no serious anti-revolutionary process in Armenia," says Edgar Vardanyan.