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There will be rewards for the SRC - David Ananyan (video)


The head of the State Revenue Committee, David Ananyan, presents the State Budget Tax Revenue Performance for the first quarter of the year. According to the report, tax revenues for the quarter of 2019 were 296.5 billion drams. In the same period of the last year, revenues amounted to 239.2 billion drams. There is also a breakthrough in the increase of the cash register. "I know how many businesses there are in the banana market, who are some of them, but some of these are information containing tax secrets, so I will not even tell you interest at this point because I have not prepared for it." As regards the new Tax Code, it will come into force in 2020. Starting January 1, The Tax Code envisaged increase of excise tax on carbonated drinks, but as a result of the dissatisfaction of the companies it was decided that the provision would be eliminated."