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Only names-surnames are changed in this country - demonstrator (video)


A group of merchants gathered today in front of the National Assembly and demanded a meeting with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan or one of the MPs. Merchants claim that after the start of the new year, law enforcement officials, municipality officials and police do not allow them to carry out street trade. According to traders, they were promised to be provided pavilions, but the promise was not fulfilled. "We have left without a job and have no money for bread," they say. The merchants claim that as a result of this, the prices of goods will also rise. One of the merchants stated that only names-surnames are changed in this country. "This people should go and die, what else can they do?" says another merchant. "After a new year, I went and bought flower, the district officials pulled the flower and said that I would not sell them," says one of the merchants and asks what they should do in this situation.