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American students doing internships in Armenia

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Bridges between the two countries: By the efforts of the US Embassy, American students are doing internships in Armenia The global market is constantly compressing, and nowadays, after graduating from the university, it is necessary for graduates to deal with foreign and various cultures in order to be employed in any professional domain. For this purpose, the US Department of State Foreign Language Training program allows American students to communicate with other cultures. This year, the US Embassy in Armenia sponsored 7 American students to have summer internships in Armenia. "Today, we deal with the global economy, so it is important for young people to have the ability to perceive and understand intercultural realities. The future will 'require' supranational cooperation and such practices are an excellent way to develop such skills," said US Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills. During the six-week internship, American students were helping in doing market research, external affairs planning, volunteer work management, and development of reporting mechanisms. During the last week of the internship, the students presented to their host institution and US embassy officials what they have been doing there in July. This year's summer internship program will also make interest among the students of American colleges to study in Armenia, which will help to expand cultural bridges through personal contacts and exchanges. "These students have established strong and long-lasting relationships with companies and families they have accepted and are ready to share their experiences and impressions of Armenia with their student-friends in the United States. In 2019, we will be glad to welcome a new group of students in Armenia," said Kerry Smith, Director of the American Councils for International Education in Armenia.