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"Sanitek" explains: "Sanitek" does not sabotage

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The company once again apologizes to citizens and guests of the capital for the inconvenience caused. The company is doing everything possible to resolve the situation. "Sanitek", with the active support of all the administrative districts of Yerevan, is trying to return to the normal process of garbage disposal as soon as possible, as a result of which the situation has already started to be significantly regulated. We consider it necessary to address also the news spread in the press lately, that "Sanitek" sabotages and does not carry out proper removal of garbage, in connection with the resignation of the former mayor of Yerevan, Taron Margaryan does not correspond to reality. We remind you that "Sanitek" is an international organization that does not participate in the internal political processes in the country. The company's only mission is to serve people.