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The Republican party is a union of businessmen and bureaucrats - political scientist (video)


Political scientist Hayk Martirosyan believes that Serzh Sargsyan has not left yet, since Serzh Sargsyan was not only Serge Sargsyan. "It was a pyramid, an institute, a huge monolithic structure, the peak of which only was Serzh Sargsyan. Serzh Sargsyan was also the Republican Party. And, unfortunately, Karen Karapetyan also became Serzh Sargsyan, "says political scientist Hayk Martirosyan. The politician explains his opinion by saying that Karen Karapetyan participated in Serzh Sargsyan's frauds. The speakers are convinced that the most important thing now is to get rid of the Republican party, since there is no alternatives. "The Republicans are not a usual party; the Republican is a union of businessmen and bureaucrats. Old Republicans are  there really for some ideas. The rest are there merely because it was possible to get canals for business and management through the Republican Party. The Republican Party will be deprived of these canals, it will be extinguished, will be cut off, etc.," says Mikayel Zolyan. Political analyst Armen Baghdasaryan does not consider Serzh Sargsyan's resignation as a revolution. As Nikol Pashinyan excluded the revenge, and dramatic changes in foreign policy. "This is a step to remove the criminal governing system." Political scientist Hakob Badalyan also sees the victory in the fact that the fight was not traditional. Despite the recent developments and the fact that Republicans are ready to discuss any issue without preconditions, the speakers recommend not to undermine the street fight.