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Mane Tandilyan: We have no choice, in fact, because you are the only candidate (video)


MP of the Yelk (Way Out) faction Mane Tandilyan asked a question to the Presidential candidate Armen Sargsyan, nominated by the ruling coalition in the National Assembly today.
"We have no choice, in fact, because you are the only candidate. You did not appeal to the Tsarukyan alliance to defend another candidate. You are not elected, but appointed by the HHK (Republican Party of Armenia). In addition, the issue of your citizenship has not yet been determined. "
"This question is not addressed to me, I did not write the Constitution. I deeply respect Artak Zeynalyan, he is a very intelligent, logical person. If I am elected, I will work with him with great pleasure. I'm not going to become a member of any party, not even your party, Mr. Pashinyan. The document on my citizenship is not a secret and I submitted everything that was required. I do not need to excuse myself. I am a citizen of the Republic of Armenia since 2011 ".