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Karine Khodikyan: The next Presidential election will not reflect the will of the people


"This is not a  popular election but a party's election. First of all, Armen Sargysan must meet the HHK's (Republican party of Armenia) demands," dramatist Karine Khodikyan said at the press conference today. She would like the fourth President of the RA to remember that there was a nation that has a good memory. "We remember everything," concluded Karine Khodikyan. Ruben Babayan, the artistic director of the Puppet Theatre, was eager to ask Armen Sargsyan some questions, particularly, how he was going to govern the country and whether he was ready to express his own opinion, etc. "Our past is very important for our present, but the present Armen Sargsyan is not the one from 1996. Regardless of whom the Parliament will elect as the President, the choice must be as wide as possible in the consensus system. In that case Armen Sargsyan will win, otherwise he will not. " Labor estimates would be made only during the President's activities," added Ruben Babayan.