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Lawmaker threatened journalist and said 'it is not the end' (video)

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Vahe Makaryan, a journalist working with Hraparak daily, was beaten by Armenian lawmaker Rubik Hakobyan in the National Assembly on Wednesday. “My colleagues told me that before the incident Hakobyan had been very aggressive,” Vahe told A1+ on the phone when commenting on the occurrence. “I came up to him a little later; he [Rubik Hakobyan] was talking to another journalist. He said he was not going to answer my questions. When I asked him about the possible alliance with the opposition, he said I was to know the answer and added that he did not want to answer any of my questions,” Vahe added. Vahe said that the lawmaker had asked him aside for a private talk but he did not agree. “Some time later he showed up again and said he wanted to have a talk with me. I thought he had changed his mind and wanted to speak to me, but as soon as the journalists left the area, he cursed and hit me in the face several times out of the public eye,” he added. vahe3 After the incident, the lawmaker rushed to leave the buildin and told Vahe that ‘it's not the end.’ We tried to speak to Rubik Hakobyan but he did not answer the phone. Some media outlets have published the lawmaker's comment on the incident.