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Are there political prisoners in the RA: Ombudsman cannot answer


Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan still cannot say whether there are political prisoners in Armenia or not, “At the moment I have no bases from the legal point of view to claim it. The cases, you are inquire about, are still being examined.” Ombudsman stated that they carry out examinations relating to all the issues. To the remark that while being appointed, Arman Tatoyan declared that he wouldn’t feel any constraint connected with observations, and that the opposite viewpoint prevails at present in the society, he opposed, “I don’t feel any constraint. Ombudsman has clear status and operates within the frames of his status, as there is law relating to Ombudsman, which determines concrete powers.” He reminded that the Ombudsman is prohibited from making any statements or to take any actions connected with any case, along lines of which proceedings are underway.