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Hunter: No one can eliminate wolves (video)

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Hunter Hovik Saribekyan has arrived in Yerevan to surrender wolf fur for AMD 100 000. Every Thursday, the Institute of Zoology will buy wolf fur from citizens. The hunter says he did not kill the wolf for money, but to save the flock of sheep. Before accepting the fur, a representative of the Ministry of Nature Protection thoroughly examined the fur to become convinced that it was a wolf. The Ministry official said wolf hunting was allowed to preventing wolves from attacking residential areas. The purchase of wolf fur began in Armenia in 2011. Over 434 wolves have been killed during this hunting period. The Ministry representative does not accept environmentalists' criticism that such a policy could lead to the elimination of wolves and not disturb the current ecological balance. Wolves are known to be forest orderly. The role of wolves in nature is very important. Wolves are known to destroy the weak and unhealthy animals, prevent the spread of infections. Environmentalists are concerned that the decline in their number will result in rapid changes in the ecosystem. The fur purchased from citizens is not used in Armenia and is destroyed after genetic testing.