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Do not throw chewing gums in the street, they kill birds (video)


A total of 351 types of birds are registered in Armenia, 26 of them are included in the International Red Book of Birds. Numerous mines, especially in Syunik, are a serious obstacle for fish,” Coordinator of the Public Ecological Coalition, Environmentalist Silva Adamyan said on April 1, International Wild Bird Day. Animal activists today gathered to voice their concerns over problems endangering birds. She says Grey Crane is one of the endangered birds in Armenia and is not able to nest here anymore. Other endangered types are Dalmatian Pelican, Common Crane, Black Vulture and others, which need serious protection now. There has been an estimated 50 percent decline in vultures. Silva Adamyan says they are carrying out a program which aims at helping storks. Seven artificial nests made of iron frame have already been set up in Armenia for storks. The environmentalist is surprised at the process of tree pruning in the capital.  “Large-scale tree cuttings create additional difficulties for birds. The chosen method is wrong,” she said adding that they are going to write a letter to the Yerevan City Hall. Another problem is Household garbage in the capital which serves as ‘food’ for birds and animals.  “They try to eat it but are unable to digest,” she stressed. Animal rights activist, environmentalist Karine Panosyan added in turn that people also harm birds by throwing chewing gums, corks, plastic bags and other types of garbage in the street. “Chewing gums kill birds and are deadly food for birds,” she said. The environmentalists say more crows and mosquitoes are appearing in Armenia, increasing the risks to allergies.