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Stepan Demirtchyan: Who says it is impossible to disclose March 2008 tragedy? (video)


Who says that it is impossible to disclose the March 2008 tragedy? It should have been disclosed long ago, Stepan Demirtchyan, a lawmaker of the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK), said in the National Assembly on Monday during the discussion of Ombudsman’s report. He stressed that some people in Armenia have immunity from arrest and are not even convicted for grave crimes, like murder. “Our courts today announce unfair verdicts which are politically motivated,” stressed Mr Demirtchyan. “Why are we speaking if the Ombudsman is not in the hall?” HAK lawmaker Aram Manukyan said addressing the Parliament Speaker. “Your remark is appropriate to the occasion,” said Parliament Speaker Galust Sahakyan. Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan showed up a bit later. Aram Manukyan said the report was made very carefully and thoroughly but one of the most important issues, the March 1 tragedy, did not receive enough attention. “In your report you say that no progress has been registered in six years and call for effective measures to disclose the murders in the shortest possible time. However, it is not a solution. March 1 tragedy was to be the backbone of your report as we have not witnessed such a slaughter in recent years. It would have been a trial for the Ombudsman,” he said.