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Russian Ambassador: I am in Armenia to strengthen Armenia-Russia relations (video)


Before the start of festive events marking the 69th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War, Russian Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Volynkin spoke about his recent statement made in an interview with the Moscow-based Noyev Kovcheg newspaper. Volynkin said he did not go back on his words: he is in Armenia to strengthen Armenia-Russia relations, rather than drive a wedge between the two countries in question. The Ambassador refused to comment on the uproar over his statement. Talking to Noyev Kovcheg earlier this week, Ivan Volynkin said it is necessary to neutralize the NGOs in Armenia that seek to drive a wedge between Armenia and Russia. The Russian diplomat’s statement immediately received sharp criticism in Armenia, with NGOs calling for Ivan Volynkin to be vigilant and alert and show respect for the Armenian Constitution.