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Some parcels sent under name of document items in HayPost for 19 years (video)

"Haypost" found out that some parcels were sent under the name of document items for 19 years

"I sent the same product on Friday, on Saturday I have the same to send today, the small package I sent on Friday was 190 drams, on Saturday - 1280 drams, at present the minimum price starts from 300 drams."

Robert Muradyan, director of the "Talking T-shirts" company, which is engaged in printing and online trade, is concerned that there have been new changes in "Haypost", as a result of which he has to pay double for deliveries to the regions.

Nana Gndoyan, the Public Relations Director of "HayPost," stated in a telephone conversation with "A1+" that there was no change in the price list. Just after the alarm, they investigated and found violations. 

"Previously, 1260 drams was paid for per kilogram, and the same price was paid for products with a lower weight. We have understood that a person cannot pay the same price for a product worth 500 drams, thus our team has developed a special price plan, by which scales have already been set for parcels with a product insert."

However, this new scale, which came into force today, does not satisfy the representatives of the online trading companies. According to Robert, after the state of emergency, the need for postal delivery increased even more, while from now on, they have to deliver their goods to the buyer at a much higher price. According to his calculations, the price of the product will increase by 5-10%.

Nana Gndoyan offers dissatisfied online businesses to use corporate packages, which are more affordable for businesses.

By the way, to our question whether there will be legal proceedings in case of violations, the representative of "Haypost" mentioned that if necessary, they will not avoid solving the issue in the legal field.