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How patients with coronavirus are being treated at homes in Armenia (video)

Patients infected with coronavirus who are self-isolated and have no complaints do not undergone any treatment and do not take any medication. Only every day they should measure their temperature and inform about the condition of breathing. And the change of the condition must be reported to the supervising doctor by phone or video call.

In a conversation with "A1+," Samvel Hayrumyan, a consultant at the Ministry of Health and a doctor at the Cardiomed Family Medicine Center, said that in any case, the temperature to 38 degrees, shortness of breath and heartburn are common signs of viral diseases. However, if there are concomitant diseases, the virus carrier have to undergone a treatment in a clinique. 

To the question of "A1+" why the number of tests has decreased in recent days, and whether the reason is the lack of tests, Hayrumyan answered that he does not have such data and does not think that there is such a problem.

"There has never been a case when we sent someone for testing, but they didn't do a test. Only one time they only informed me that there were no tests left, but the next day they already had tests," he said.

Details are in the video