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Black or red? Whose game is Arman Babajanyan playing? - Rustam Badasyan (video)

Today, on Facebook, the Minister of Justice Rustam Badasyan referred to the deputy's speech, asking the following question: "Arman Babajanyan describes himself as a talented red player of the Mafia game, but is he playing as a red?"

He wrote:

"Which ambassador did he consider one of the best ambassadors of the Republic of Armenia? Who was he in contact with, according to widespread information? Arman Babajanyan continues to make irresponsible statements. which has not yet been substantiated, because populism is not enough to formulate an idea.

PS. And the preparations for the vetting are being completed, and by the end of the year, according to the transitional provisions of the Judicial Code, the declarations of the judges will be checked. The process will be continuous."