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The Number of asylum seekers in European Union member states decreases by 30% after revolution: Yeghoyan (video)

“For the first time, after the revolution of 2018, the number of asylum seekers in all EU member states has decreased by 30%,”- says Armen Yeghoyan, Chairman of the National Assembly Standing Committee on European Integration, a member of the “My Step” faction, during the parliamentary hearings on the implementation of the Armenia - European Union Comprehensive and Extended Partnership Agreement.

                According to him, 6800 citizens of Armenia applied for asylum in EU member states in 2017, 4800 citizens applied for asylum in 2018, 349 citizens in 2019”.

                “This means that the revolution has changed the situation in Armenia, and the reason is that the number of travelers has not changed, moreover, the number of multi visas has increased by eight percent, it means that people are still traveling, but the number of asylum seekers actually cuts in half in two years”.

                These numbers show that Europe is the road or path we all follow,”- concludes Yeghoyan.