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Terms of March 8th Municipality Invitation Receipt

The Municipality of Yerevan has prepared cultural gifts for women on the occasion of March 8.

On the day of the celebration, women will have the opportunity to attend 17 events, choosing from theatre, film, ballet or a concert.

The municipality's website says the events are intended for Yerevan residents, but spokeswoman for the organization Hakob Karapetyan told A1 + that although the events are mainly for Yerevan residents, residents of the regions may also receive invitations.

You do not need to submit any documents to obtain these; anyone can take one pair of tickets from the box office. As to how the distribution of invitations will be controlled in order not to let to get too many tickets, Hakob Karapetyan responds that they do not have such a mechanism, relying on the conscience of the citizens.

Men can also get invitations from the box office; "And who says that women should definitely take, let men go and get tickets for their wives," the spokeswoman says. "We don't discriminate."

The municipality has not made a special list of events for March 8; cultural institutions have submitted holiday lists themselves.

The only film as part of the initiative is "The Unknown Subscriber", which has long appeared on the Internet. Asked if it was impossible to include another film, Hakob Karapetyan answered: "My favourite symphony is Beethoven's 7th Symphony. I can listen to it every second, but listening in a concert hall is different, as is the case with film."

The municipality of Yerevan has provided 11 million 430 thousand AMD from the budget and the invitations will be available from February 27. To obtain them, as Hakob Karapetyan says, one must hurry, but "without panic".