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Arsen Torosyan meets with the president of the National Health Insurance Service of Korea

Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan, who is on a working visit to Korea, meets with the President of Korea’s National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) Yong-Ik Kim, the Ministry of Health reports.

            The World Bank group also participates, which organizes the visit of the Armenian delegation to Korea.

            Yong-Ik Kim speaks of the importance of such exchange programs and events, taking into account, that Korea’s health insurance system, which was formed in 1977, has achieved a huge success and has been example for many countries around the world.

            He noted that the Koreans are happy to share their experience with politicians, deputies of the other countries and representatives of this sphere.

            Minister Arsen Torosyan is also thankful for the warm reception and exchange of experience.

            “For those countries that are just beginning to embark on such reforms, the Korean experience is very important and useful,”- he said. He also added that Armenia also chose that path and is at the initial stage of building public health insurance system.

            The parties also find the exchange of experts between the countries very important and make an appointment for future cooperation.

            Adanna Chukwuma, head of the World Bank Group, emphasized the importance of establishing a connection between the countries on the already established systems and added that the World Bank also continues to support Armenia in the reforms.

            At the end of the meeting, Minister Arsen Torosyan invited Korean experts to visit Armenia to study the works done in recent years.