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Video Interview

I am convinced that the police have used force by the Prime Minister's instruction - Avetik Ishkhanyan (video)

“Any illegal police action is being criticized by our organization. It was unacceptable for me, it was an unnecessary force and a threat by the police,” said Helsinki Committee Human Rights Defender Avetik Ishkhanyan in an interview with A1+, referring to the January 28 arrest of a number of people by the police.

On that day, Narek Malyan, the founder of the Veto Civic Initiative, members of "Adekvat" party Artur Danielyan and Konstantin Ter-Nakalian and others, were arrested on suspicion of possessing a weapon. The human rights activist adds that these people should have not been treated as such. "Knowing that they were under the control of the government, they could hardly keep arms," says Ishkhanyan.

He is convinced that the police used force against them on the instruction of the Prime Minister.