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Declaration of Ombudsman on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day

Dear Journalists,

I extend my congratulations on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day.

Fundamental changes in our society brought about last year showed how important the role of the press and journalists is. Responsible journalism and professional principles rooted in your activities are of utmost importance.

With your responsible work, you promote transparency of public authorities and officials, as well as public accountability. The work of journalists is crucial for shaping the public discourse and state policy priorities.

The role of the journalists is also key in promoting dissent and ensuring an atmosphere of solidarity in the country. There are important guarantees to overcome the challenges the country faces, as well as to ensure smooth transitions.

Unfortunately, wrong perceptions and stereotypes regarding the activities of journalists still exist. In reality, the presumption of journalists’ lawfulness and decency should be the core around which the attitude towards journalist activity should be formulated.

You bring positive changes in our country with your responsible activities.



Arman Tatoyan

The Human Rights Defender of Armenia