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Eduard Sharmazanov : Arms supply to Azerbaijan is concerning and inadmissible


Deputy Speaker of Parliament of Armenia Eduard Sharmazanov has met with Slovakia’s Speaker of Parliament Andrej Danko during a working visit to Antalya, Turkey. During the meeting the sides discussed issues relating to the development of bilateral parliamentary relations, attached importance to boosting mutual visits and cooperation in the level of friendship groups. Sharmazanov thanked Danko for assisting the organization of the Parliamentarians Against Genocised exhibition which was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of adoption of the UNGA’s Convention on Prevention and Punishment For the Crime Of Genocide. Sharmazanov attached importance to the quick ratification of the Armenia-EU CEPA by the Slovakian parliament. Security issues were also discussed. Eduard Sharmazanov expressed concern over the arms supplies of Slovakian MSM Martin to Azerbaijan, considering it to be “concerning and inadmissible”. “[Azerbaijan] is using the weapons against the civilians of Artsakh,” Sharmazanov said. The sides attached importance to the peaceful settlement of all conflicts, including the NK conflict.