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Robert Kocharyan: The values the revolution are in danger

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Armenia’s second president Robert Kocharyan congratulated Armenian people on Independence Day. "We celebrate the 27th independence anniversary in exclusive situation. The revolution that took place in May of the running year, the processes that are taking place are new trials for our statehood. The values for which people took to the streets are in danger. What was taking place under the slogan of love and solidarity is now turning into a campaign of hatred, revenge and illegitimacy thanks to its leaders’ efforts. We must, by some twist of fate, rescue the ideas of the revolution from those who themselves initiated all that. Nevertheless, I am convinced that our country will overcome these difficulties with dignity and, as a result, we will not worship a person in Armenia, but have real democracy, we will not have people divided into blacks and whites, but a united nation, we will have not pompous statements, but guaranteed security and welfare of Armenia and Artsakh," the second president stressed.