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Konstantin Orbelyan talks about Moscow's "failed" performance, Hasmik Papyan and Opera's problems (video)


Konstantin Orbelyan has good relationships with opera singer Hasmik Papyan and the rumors that Mrs. Papyan does not express positively about his work, are unclear and unpleasant for him. "The Opera, of course, has problems which are primarily based on financial difficulties. 85 million drams have been cut from the budget, "says Orbelyan. For the new performances, for example, the art director has provided his own money. Wages are not high, they have instruments problem, they need to repair the roof. There are a lot of problems and each and every one of them needs an urgent solution. They must be able to fix the conditions, which is not easy. "Like Swan Lake, which is the brand of the Great Theater, Aram Khachaturian's Gayane ballet is the brand of our opera. Even the Director General of Moscow's Great Theater mentioned it. If it were a weak show, Grand Theater would not allow it even to come close at its doors," says Armen Grigoryan, Honored Art Worker of Armenia and adds, "How can one speak about the 'failed' performance based on only the Kommersant newspaper? The newspaper, whose source is Azerbaijan." To the question about getting back the position of principal conductor, and the issue of separating artistic director and director positions, Mr. Orbelyan replied that if the artistic director is also a conductor, then the position of the principal conductor is meaningless. According to Mr. Orbelyan, the agreement of invitation to work in the Opera was like this, so it will work like this. And then, if they want, they can change.