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Dangerous situation for Gogol Street residents


Residents of Gogol Street in Qanaqer-Zeytun district alarm that their houses adjacent to the Almast factory are in poor condition, and after each heavy rains mudflows and garbage flow from Gogol street to Rubinyants Street and jeopardize traffic. Resident Aghavni Hovhannisyan has repeatedly appealed to the community headquarters and relevant bodies dealing with the problem, but the problem has not been solved yet. The residents are demanding barriers to be lifted so that water is not be able to bypass the lower barrier. Low barriers not only prevent the flow of garbage and mudflows, but also pose a threat to the lives of the residents. The municipality attached armature to the barrier and left the work unfinished. Residents claim that the armature has made the situation even more dangerous, besides, a supercharged power line passes throgh that part, accroding to the residents. In response to the residents' requests, the District Hall announced that they had not received funding from the City Hall. However, the residents insist that the problem is urgent.