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High building being built in Abovyan Street. Alarm

Residents of the six-floor houses at Abovyan Street 13, 11, and Tumanyan Street 30 are facing a fact. A 12-floor building will be built in the yard. "We are not naive, we know that they say one and build something else. It will not happen. Give us the documents so that we can apply to appropriate bodies. It is the fault of the City Hall. It is mainly the City Hall’s fault which gives us such answers,” resident of the house Ashot Mirzadyan said. Residents say that nobody considered their opinion. And they found out about the construction after the green area of the yard was fenced. “The City Hall made a decision on not letting any construction take place in the centre of the city. Why do they not ask us? How long can people live in cement and concrete? We planted and watered that area on our own,” Liza Manasyan said, and Stepan Sargsyan added, “If the Mayor were a resident of this house would he accept this phenomenon. All norms are being violated.” The owner and the developer is Colonel Ghevond Ghalumyan, former police officer, whose name before was connected with two criminal cases. His representative Gagik Hakobjanyan noted that the 1217 square meter area was purchased in 2010. Residents demanded from the representative of the owner's office documents proving that the yard area was also bought. He did not exclude the possibility of the trees to be cut off. "There are such cases in the construction, of course, with the condition to restore it in the future." Yana Daryan reversed, "How can an entire garden be destroyed, only for placing a crane? And then they say they will plant trees. They will need 50 years to become like those trees." Residents have already tried to figure out whether the owner of the area has the right to cut the trees. Residents of the center of Yerevan are surprised how the construction is going to be carried out there, when there is no room to park their own cars in the yard. Residents have decided to restore their violated rights by judicial procedure. Until then, they will not allow the entrance of equipment to their yard.