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Will Lele Tepe help Azerbaijan in its advancement? (video)


Political analyst Levon Shirinyan says Azerbaijan started war either by the order of Russia or on its own initiative. “Russia wants to keep Azerbaijan very close to it. However, Artsakh’s Defense Army thwarted Putin’s plans. This time, Armenia saved Russia from fraud. Russia does not want peace in the Caucasus region. Russia did not even participate in the “Ring” operation,” the political analyst said on Monday. Mr Shirinyan says we have lost Lele Tepe (hill) which was of strategic importance for us. “I have asked specialists to find the Armenian equivalent of Lele Tepe. Now I want to address a question to our Defense Ministry. If Azerbaijan starts new military operations, won’t it advance easily after capturing Lele Tepe?” The political analyst has another question for the Minister of Foreign Affairs [Edward Nalbandian]. “Why don’t you raise the issue of decolonization in the UN?” Mr Shirinyan stresses that the Karabakh conflict cannot be resolved in a peaceful way. “We have returned to 1994. We cannot have peace unless we get to Kura-Araks. Turkey will always provoke the occupant tribe of Azerbaijan to wage war against us. That is why it is necessary to destroy Azerbaijan as a Turkic state.”