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“We will come out on condition not to return home”: Zh. Sefilyan (video)


“We shall start 24-hour rallies starting from March 24,” today announced Commander of special unit of Shushi, leader of “Centennial without the regime” movement Zhirayr Sefilyan. He doesn’t exclude that the members of “Centennial without the regime” movement will turn to violence if the authorities use weapons, “We won’t create any disorder in the city on April 24, on that day we will also pay tribute to the memory of the victims and on the second half of the day we will gather and start the mobilization. We will come out on condition not to return home.” According to the words of Sefilyan there won’t be new inventions, only with the will of the people there can be regime change, “We will do it peacefully.  Tens of thousands of people will gather in some part of the city. I think day after day the number will increase. I speak of 24-hour rallies. We will return home, when the regime resigns and it will be during several days.”