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Stepanakert starts "breathing" (video)

50 days after the start of the war and 5 days after the establishment of the ceasefire, the city of Stepanakert has started "breathing."

The traffic lights started working, the lights in the buildings started to turn on, in addition to the military, people in civilian clothes could already be seen in the streets.

Most of the shops, however, remain closed. It has become impossible to find bread, only few bakeries work, which do not sell bread, saying it is for the army. And even if one can find bread in a shop of the center of the city, the price has almost doubled.

It's the third day that people of Stepanakert are returning, but there are many people who have left, fearing that if the road to Karvachar is closed, like Lachinin, they will find themselves in a blockade.

There is a problem with telephone and internet in Artsakh.