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One Civilian Killed and One Wounded as a Result of the Strikes on Civilian Communities by Azerbaijan. Human Rights Ombudsman

The Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman records that, continuing to violate the provisions of international humanitarian law, Azerbaijan targeted a number of civilian communities and infrastructure in Artsakh.
Within the fact-finding mission of the Human Rights Ombudsman, it was revealed that, on November 1, one civilian, 53-year-old Armo Avanesyan, was killed in Khnushinak village of Martuni region, and 67-year-old Seryozha Tsatryan was wounded as a result of a shell explosion in Arajadzor village of Martakert region.
To date, at least 46 civilians have been killed and at least 142 wounded by the Azerbaijani armed forces.