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If you sell a painting, it becomes your job, and if you donate it, it becomes a hobby - painter

It was the father who realized from the first pictures of his 9-year-old daughter that he should take her to art school.

10 years later, Arpine Ghazaryan confesses that her father believed in her more than she did in the beginnings. The first drwaings of her were unsuccessful, and she even thought that nothing would work out and it was because of her character.

Art loves tranquility, and she had a more active and impatient character. Then the anxiety passed when she realized that this was an opportunity to put her dreams and feelings on paper.

"I gave my first painting to my grandmother, but people say if you want your other works to be sold, you have to sell your first work. I did not agree and I do not regret it. If you sell a painting, it becomes your job, and if you donate it, it becomes a hobby. Well, it is a debatable issue," she says.

A 19-year-old Armenian girl living in Moscow remembers the first words of a painting teacher. "You painted in the colors of the Christmas tree." She was upset, but then she also realized that criticism helps to improve.

"Everyone perceives art differently and has different perceptions of beauty. Now I like decor, art, graphics that not everyone likes and understands. I believe that what is incomprehensible is more interesting," she says.

But there were also days when Arpine decided not to paint and chose a more "serious profession", for example, law. But then she realized that she had been given the gift of painting, and that there is no need to lose it and make God angry.