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Are knowing at least two foreign languages required for leaving Armenia? - Ashot Bleyan (video)

Ashot Bleyan, director of the Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex and former Minister of Education and Science, in a conversation with "A1+," referring to the document submitted by the Ministry of Education and Science, expressed the following opinion: "When you say that knowing at least two foreign languages ​​is mandatory, why is it mandatory? Is it obligatory for leaving Armenia? But today Armenia is in the desert. Just go and look at the condition of the land around the school buildings."

According to Bleyan, a behavior should be developed among students due to which they will start to take care of every square meter of Armenia.

"Moreover, every student who graduated from the 9th grade must have a certificate that he has agricultural skills. The real patriotism is the care of the country," he says.

As for the project presented by the Ministry of Education and Science, according to Bleyan, it is presented in such a way that it seems that before Armenia did not have standards, that it is being introduced for the first time.