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How to take taxi every day if your salary can't afford it?

 People who used public transport before and don't have cars should go to work by taxes from today. According to the Paret's decision of March 31, the public transport won't work from April 1. It's is necessary for the state of emergency, but on the other hand not everyone can afford taking taxes every day.

An employee of one of Yerevan's largest supermarkets, Tsovinar told "A1+" that not only today but also from the first day of the state of emergency there were few transports, so she should take a taxi. Tsovinar has 100.000 dram monthly salary. From today she has to spend 600 dram instead of 100 dram every day to go to work. If the work ends at 16:00 o'clock, she has to spend the 2nd 600 dram. If she finishes at midnight, the transportation will be payed by the employee partly. Tsovinar works without free days during this period. She thinks the salary won't be enough and she should borrow some. She also has credits to pay and won't ask anything from the employer because she already knows their approach. Anna(the name is changed) works at a court in Armavir. She goes to work by a taxi for already a week. She pays 1000 dram for each direction and her salary is 110.000 dram. She is also worried, but what can they do?

"A1+" asked the government to realize how many people work now in Armenia and how many people don't go to work because of the state of emergency. The spokesperson of the prime minister, Mane Gevorgyan, said it was early for such data.