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Italian doctors advise athletes eat properly at home

Italian "Tutosport" newspaper has referred to the diet of athletes who are in quarantine. For this purpose, media has turned to the Vite al limite medical center, which primarily deals with healthy diets. Here are some tips Italian dieticians give athletes:

''In home conditions, with limited mobility, it is best to eat five times a day, but in small portions. breakfast, light breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, supper.

It is necessary to reduce those drinks and dishes which are rich in sugar. Dishes containing salt and oil should also not be abused. Use more vegetables and fruits, as vitamins A and C increase body's resistance and respiratory protection. You also need vitamin D, which can be found in animals' lungs, fish and egg yolk.

You need to use a lot of water to avoid dehydration. You can eat yogurt or some kind of light meal to regulate your stomach work. Avoid alcoholic beverages.

You can use some of your free time to prepare healthy and dietary meals. Later, when you are back in the sport, use more high-calorie food to quickly regain your fitness”.

To add, from the beginning of March all kind of sport competitions and tournaments are banned in Italy because of the spread of coronavirus.