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Sasna Tsrer states about need of tightening state of emergency

The statement of "Sasna Tsrer" Pan-Armenian Party:

"If we want to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Armenia, we should adapt the state of emergency to health priorities.

Of course, it is very welcoming that after the state of emergency, the health care system has followed to the example of many countries and spread the idea of the slogan 'Stay at home,' but the state of emergency does not meet the requirements of the idea of this slogan, which in its turn causes many problems.

Among these problems we can mention the use of buses, taxis, the problem of not closing supermarkets, other commercial establishments or restaurants (everything can be done by delivery), the problems which some employees face for not attending to their workplaces, the problem of not being able to meet minimum needs (concerns mainly insecure class) and many other vital problems associated with other phenomena.

In the view of the above mentioned, we propose the Armenian authorities, including the Emergency medical technician , to adapt the regime of state of emergency to the health priorities and to slogan ''Stay at home'' and take concrete steps in order to find solutions to all these problems by applying certain quarantine barriers, financial and economic mechanisms, minimal compensation for forced idleness, as well as take steps to provide insecure class with essential services (water, electricity, gas )and supplies (e.g. food, medicine).

At the same time, we urge our citizens:

  • follow all the requirements and exhortations of health system
  • apply self-contained measures to prevent virus, especially:
  • strictly adhere to the rules of hygiene and social distance;
  • stay at home and leave it only in case of extreme need,
  • exclude crowding in supermarkets and other commercial establishments, wait outside if necessary,
  • avoid the use of public transportation, etc.

To remind, our nation has overcome even harder situations and has remained at its height, thus we will definitely overcome this virus too and become stronger and wiser.

The Secretariat of "Sasna Tsrer" Pan-Armenian Party