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17-year-old boys' dispute ended with stabbing: Hrazdan police disclosure (video)

On February 22, at 4:50 pm, the Hrazdan Police Department received a report from a hospital that a 17-year-old citizen was stabbed to the medical aid station with the preliminary diagnosis of "2 wounds on  the left side of the waist ."

 The doctor told police officers who went to the hospital that the victim was unable to give an explanation.

 As a result of operative-investigative measures taken in connection with the criminal case/incident , information was received that on February 22, at 4:30 pm, during the dispute near Meghradzor community school a 17-year-old boy has  thrusted with a sharp-edged object  and inflicted bodily harm to a fellow villager.

 Due to the explanatory work, on February 23, at 12:40 am , the young man presented himself to the Hrazdan Police Department, confessed and was arrested.

 Measures are being taken to detect the crime tool.

 An investigation is underway.