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The decision to hold the 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games in Artsakh was made in 2016, after the April War. Bako Sahakyan (video)

Welcoming speech of Artsakh Republic President Bako Sahakyan

during the solemn opening ceremony of the 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games


Honorable Prime-minister of the Republic of Armenia,

Dear compatriots,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today is a memorable day in Artsakh’s life – for the first time the Pan-Armenian Summer Games are held in our republic.

Stepanakert hosts numerous athletes and coaches, fans and just people who love sports from Mother Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora. We do not have guests here; everybody is at home, in their ancestral hearth. Welcome to Artsakh!

The Armenian people have an emphasized attitude towards sports. In ancient times, nationwide games were held in Armenia, and Armenian athletes participated in various sports tournaments, including the Antique Olympic Games, as the preserved records report.

By their nature the Pan-Armenian games are an important link connecting our sporting past, present and future.

The decision to hold the 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games in Artsakh was made in 2016, after the April War, which is symbolic by itself. This is a unique response to aggression and violence.  Embodying strength, willpower, organization and unity, sports is at the same time the antithesis of hatred and hostility. It recognizes no borders and discrimination, unites different nations and countries.

In our case, this is another impetus cementing the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora trinity.

Our sisters and brothers living by destiny in various parts of the world have the opportunity to know their homeland, communicate with one another, establish new and warm bonds, and receive positive impulses from the native soil, becoming more united, much stronger and invincible.

That is the strength of our people, the power of our unity, the essence of our victories. It has always been like that, so it will be so further on.

Great and excessive work has been done for proper conduct of the games, and I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have spared no effort to bring all this to life.

Dear compatriots,

I once again welcome all the participants of the 7th Pan-Armenian Summer Games and wish greatest success.

I am confident that these days will turn into a great sporting holiday, giving us exciting moments and leaving an unforgettable footprint in the hearts of all of us.

Regardless of the results, there will be no losers in these games. Our whole people, our unity, our will and determination will win.

Long live our people!

Long live Mother Armenia, Artsakh and the world spread Armenians!

Thank you!


Stepanakert, August 6, 2019