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Davit Sanasaryan does not trust the National Security Service - defender

Inessa Petrosyan, David Sanasaryan's advocate, told A1+. that on April 22, the lawyers of the head of the State Supervision Service Davit Sanasaryan filed a complaint to the RA Prosecutor General for the removal of the decision on considering him as accused.
"There are numerous circumstances in the criminal case, which proves that this case is totally groundless in terms of David Sanasaryan," said Inessa Petrosyan.
The lawyers also asked for cancelling the investigator's decision to suspend Davit Sanasaryan's term of office, as well as to transfer the case to another investigative body, the reason of which is the misstrust of Davit Sanasaryan towards the National Security Service.
The Defender stated that they had noticed that there was a biased attitude towards Sanasaryan, and therefore, Sanasaryan also refused to testify and participate in investigative actions.
She also stated that she had a great hope that many things should have been changed in new Armenia, but unfortunately it is not like that. "It has not changed because people in many power structures are still the same. They think with their former mentality, it is very difficult for people to simply go out and change their characters, no matter how they try to prove to us that they have changed, it is a lie and cannot conform to reality. , These same bodies continue to operate the same methods in order to achieve their goals," the defender told A1+.